To celebrate the founding of our charity Darlington Town Mission in a manner befitting the principles and Christian ethos of its founders, we are holding a Thanks Giving Service which we cordially invite you to attend (details below).

God has prospered our work and sustained us these many years and by his grace we pray that he will sustain and develop us for many more to come. I was asked recently what marks us out as different from other charities specifically designed to aid the elderly. My answer was that we are a non-profit making charity solely for the people of Darlington, and perhaps most importantly our ethos is based on the work and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is only fitting that we give glory to God by marking this significant time in the life of our society with a service of thanksgiving – we look forward to seeing you there.

Reverend Brian Holmes

ChairDarlington Town Mission

Dear all,

Here we are already well into April and still finding temperatures below average, however we have managed to enjoy three outings so far this year and share good fellowship . 

Darlington Town Mission have been serving the people of Darlington for 175 years which is a marvelous achievement and our Thanksgiving Service at  St Cuthbert's Church on Tuesday 30th April 2013 is a chance to  give thanks for everything the Town Mission does. Afterwards there will also be a chance to enjoy something to eat and drink and meet new and old friends.


We hope as many of you who are able will join us at the Service , but if you can’t we look forward to seeing you either at one of our outings or when we visit.


God Bless



FUNDRAISING EVENTS since last newsletter.


Beetle drive. Raised £200.


Come and Sing. Raised £630


Easter Egg Tombola Raised £133

This event was an extra, as Sainsbury's agreed that we could have a date and the space for this event.  Marion came along to help and won a lovely egg. Thanks to all who donated eggs, including Sainsbury's.


Thank you to all who organised, helped and supported these events


Future Events.


175 Celebrations.

The Chairman and Trustees of Darlington Town Mission

Invite you to join us in our

Service of Thanksgiving for

175 years Of Caring Service

On Tuesday 30th April at 7pm

The service will be held at St. Cuthbert's Church.


The Bishop of Jarrow, The Right Reverend  Mark Bryant

And Reverend Ruth Gee, Chair of Darlington Methodist District and President Designate of the Methodist Conference will be joining us.

Also taking part in the service will be Darlington Choral Society.

Our organist for the service will be Mr. Andrew Christer.

The Service will be led by our Chairman, Rev. Brian Holmes


The new Lord Lieutenant of the County (the Queen's representative) Mrs. S. Snowdon and her guest will be attending.

The Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor and  Mrs. P. Baldwin will also be joining us.

We do hope that you will be able to join us too. Do bring along your partners, spouse, family and friends. The service will be followed by refreshments in the Church Centre, where the Lord Lieutenant will cut our celebratory cake. (Sue will be bringing cake to all Friends who are unable to attend).


Julia has arranged for helpers with the food from Sainsbury's, so that we can all enjoy the evening.

We are having a Party!

Thursday 6th June from 2 - 3.30pm.

At Elm Ridge Church Hall.


To Celebrate 175 years since the formation of Darlington Town Mission we felt we should have a party.


Do you have a party piece?

We do have a few offers.  Would you like to join in?

There will be tea and cake (of course), some games and entertainment. 

175th Celebratory Cake


The catering students from Darlington College, under the watchful eye of Donna Joyce who runs the Advanced Professional Cookery (Patisserie and Confectionery) Course are competing to create the DTM 175th Celebratory cake. The students have been briefed to design a cake that reflects the work of DTM. Sainsburys are kindly providing the ingredients for the cake recipes.


Local celebrity judges will choose three finalists and these cakes will be placed on display in the foyer of Sainsbury store for one day in June. Sainsbury shoppers are invited to taste the cakes and vote for the overall winner.


All three finalists will be invited to our dinner and presented with certificates of excellence for the runners up and a trophy for the ultimate winner.


DarlingtonCarnival.29th June.


We have been chosen as the Carnival Charity and are therefore the ones who can collect in the street alongside the Carnival Parade.  We need lots of collectors.  Can you help?

We have identified other organisations who can lend us collecting buckets with lids and we have had 50 Tee Shirts printed with our logo.  (These have been kindly sponsored by Seaton Leng).  We already have about 25 volunteers on our list, from 6th Form College, but the more collectors, the more money we collect and the more visible we are to the general public. Please volunteer, contact Sue Case on the office phone 734995.

We will also be having our usual stall in the park with games for the children.  Could you help with this? 

Dinner at Darlington College,

7pm, 14th September.


Plans are progressing for this celebration of Darlington Town Mission.  We hope to have a Photo display of the history of the Mission.  Do you have any photos we could use?  Not just from times long gone by, but recent years also.


Barbecue- 13th July at Richard Bond's House in Sadberge.  Further details to follow.


Summer Garden Partyat The Orchard 44B Hurworth Road, Hurworth Place Darlington on Sunday 25th August from 2pm onwards

Tickets are £10. Price includes Champagne and Chocolate Tasting and canapés. The event is sponsored by Ultimate Online Chocolate Boutique.


January Quiz answers:

1. With which television programme would you associate the phrase 'starter for 10'? University Challenge

2. A swoose is a hybrid of which two birds? Swan and Goose

3. For what function was the leaning tower of Pisa built? A bell tower

4. In which orchestral work is a cat represented by a clarinet and a grandfather by a bassoon?  Peter and the Wolf

5. In the nursery rhyme 'One two, buckle my shoe' what line follows '13, 14'? Maids a courting

6. Posie, Perkin and Pootle were the children in which BBC children's series broadcast in the 1970s and 1980s? The Flumps

7. In which country do 100 santims make a lat? Latvia

8. Grandpa Dickson, Glenfiddich and Bright Smile are all roses of which colour? Yellow

9. Where is the most southerly mainland lighthouse in Britain? Lizard Point

10. Which Town in England has the most namesakes worldwide, with 55 of that name dotted around the globe?  Richmond


Local match funding is matching up to £10 on a regular monthly donation made via their website to the Mission for a whole year, but hurry their offer ends on 2nd May. So go to and make your monthly donation today