±Darlington Town Mission 


                     April 2019


Message from Rev Andrew Wigram (chairman DTM)       

Spring is always full of what lifts the spirits!  After surviving the months of winter – the dark, the cold, the time it takes to wrap up for  going out, the worry of colds or ‘flu – how good to be out of  all that!  Now we open the curtains immediately on waking – often to welcome the sunlight into the room.  Now we hear birds singing – beautifully, heartily and vigorously! Now we begin to watch the garden wake up and surprise us with what has been hiding under ground.  Now we no longer need to switch on the light – there is light, so much light, everywhere!  Spring – welcome to spring!

And there is Easter!  In our part of the world we are doubly enriched by Easter coming with spring.
For many years ,when I lived on the equator in Africa, Easter rolled up without any trumpet sounding with the season.  The weather might be hot and sticky after rain; or it could be dry and dusty with no signs yet of new growth.  So how spectacular it is for us to see ‘all things bring and beautiful – all creatures great and small’ (!) – because we may chance to see lambs frisking, or a magnolia in full blossom, or leaves bursting out on a beech or lime tree.  

Spring is such a parable of new life.  I never tire of seeing the amazing vigour of new growth – bursting from the soil, springing out of twigs on trees, rushing up from the ground – a small shoot, suddenly it seems to becomes a sturdy plant.  It is absolutely amazing – such growth, such miracle!  How refreshing it is to watch – to witness it all happening in just a few days.  It lifts our spirits.  And for me it lifts up my heart in praise to God – Creator, who makes it all in love; just the pleasure of bringing wonderful things to birth - so good!

New life and Easter: for many of us here this is what lies at the heart of the Christian faith. We don’t side step Lent and Holy Week, Good Friday and Holy Saturday: no, all this ‘winter’ must come before Easter spring. Jesus’ crucifixion takes us down to the deepest darkness; yet also to the most tenacious love every conceived – God’s love holding Jesus in his dying – for the purpose of God’s love paraded for the world to stand and stare, and then to receive in forgiveness.

Yes, but then we go to what happened two days later?  On the third day he rose from the dead!  Jesus’ death - his sacrifice - is vindicated: God has the last word as Jesus rises freed from the soil.  Now he lives, now he breathes new life into all who answer his invitation to come and believe and rest in his presence.  Now is the promise of new life for today, and new life for all that lies beyond today – what lies hidden now, but in faith we believe: it’s new life that awaits us with God, and in God’s embrace.

Andrew Wigram


          Organisations providing venues  for socialising.             


There are a number of venues in Darlington that have set up cafes for people to get out and meet others and share friendship especially if you are on your own. If you are able to get out you may like to try one , you will be made very welcome, listed below are some of the venues:


St Marks Church, North Rd

third Tuesday of each month 1pm to 3pm.


Haughton Methodist Church, Haughton Green every Tuesday and Friday 10am to 1pm.


Bondgate Methodist Church Monday to 

Wednesday 10am to 11.30am 


Care & Share - Mondays 1pm to 3pm Darlington Baptist Church, Grange Road and Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm Kings Church, Whessoe Road


Age Uk lunch clubs are monthly at 12pm to 2pm venues as follows:

Branksome Hall ,Whitby Way 

1st Tuesday 

Elm Ridge Methodist Church,Carmel Rd South 2nd Tuesday 

 St James Church, Barton Street 3rd Tuesday  

Corporation Rd Baptist Church 4th Tuesday 

St Mary’s Church Cockerton Green

Eat Together Tuesdays: An invitation is extended to all to come and enjoy a light lunch, with home baking, refreshments, and conversation at St Mary's Church, Cockerton. This lunch club is held on the First Tuesday of each month at 1.15pm, apart from the month of  August . For any who may wish, you would be very welcome to join our lunchtime Eucharist service held at 12.30pm in the church. The next few dates for the lunch club are 7th May, 4th June, 2nd July and 3rd September


Northland Methodist Church North Road

Lunch club fortnightly 1pm  


7th May 2019

21st May 2019

4th June 2019

18th June 2019

2nd July 2019

16th July 2019


( on the second Tuesday of the month there is a short service of Worship before the lunch at 12.15pm till 12.45pm. This is open to any one wishing to attend.)

For more information contact Judith on 07806386360 or 01325251115



Fundraising News

Events since the last newsletter :

Sainsbury’s Carol singing       £396

Christmas Raffle                   £146

Beetle Drive                         £403

Come and Sing                      £609

Flower arranging demo.        £160

Forthcoming events:


 We are pleased to advise you that we are having not one but two BBQ’s this summer. We therefore hope that if you can’t go to one of them you can go to the other.

The first one is on Sat 29th June, from  3pm to 7pm tickets £10.00. This will be at All Saints Church Hall, Ravensdale Road, Darlington. Burgers, sausage, various salads & rolls will be served, along with a variety of desserts. Tea & coffee will be available. Please feel free to bring you own wine/beer but can you also bring your own glasses etc. For tickets contact Brian 07795630712 or DTM 07943251357 or email dtmission@btconnect.com 

The second one is a Summer BBQ  on

  Saturday 17th August at Paradise Farm Croft. Starts 6.30pm Tickets £20. Price includes burgers, bangers , salad bar ( vegetarian option) and live music. Plus a licensed bar and fabulous raffle. For tickets contact Julia 07771725912 or DTM 07943251357 or email    



Garden Party 10th July 2pm


Quiz Night St Thomas Aquinas Church Hall 11th October 7.30pm 


For more details contact Brian 07795630712 or email as above

DTM fundraising team are made up of a group of only 5 volunteers so they are always grateful for any offers to help , whether is is an hour occasionally or helping at all the events , any offer would be most welcome.

If you want more information contact Brian 

07795639712 or DTM 07943251357 or email


Give as you live is a free and easy way to raise money for your favourite charity , just by shopping online.Once you have signed up at  giveasyoulive.com you can browse their website for the store you want to shop with, there are hundreds of leading retailers including Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Next, John Lewis and many more.If you nominate DTM we will receive between 1% - 10% of what you spend at no extra cost to you.


Charity collection boxes

DTM have collection boxes in some of the shops in Darlington if you know of a shop or business that would be willing to display a box please contact us with the details either by email dtmission@btconnect.com or tel 07943251357


Current Fundraising 

We’re are in the process of applying for funding help from The Good Exchange organisation, which puts charities into contact with funders

Peacocks in Darlington were kind enough to hold an Easter raffle in their store and donate the money  to DTM. Here is Sue, our Missioner,  collecting the money.

Missioners Update

 Spring is upon us with all the beauty and wonderful signs of new life and hope it brings . There is nothing

more beautiful than seeing the snowdrops, daffodils, crocus, iris and tulips coming to life again after

many of our friends have commented on how lovely the spring flowers are as I’ve visited owe’ve

driven around town together . Gods amazing creation giving us so many reasons to be thankful.  

Since Christmas we’ve had three outings 

In January our friends visited  Rockliffe Golf Clubhouse for cream tea assisted by 6Ms Darlington Rebecca Everson . We were made very welcome and were entertained with music and a quiz during the afternoon. 

In February our friends visited Mainsgill and what a wonderful sunny afternoon we had there .

In March our friends visited Poplar Garden Centre at Shincliffe and it was so lovely to see all the spring  flowers on another beautiful day! We are so blessed  with good weather so often on our outings !

It is so lovely to see our friends and volunteers chatting together on outings , building on old friendships , forming new friendships and sharing fellowship together . I know of a few friends who have re established friendships through DTM  from knowing each other many years previously - how wonderful ! 

I am so thankful for our wonderful team of volunteers who make all we do possible and our friends tell me often how helpful and friendly our volunteer drivers and visitors are.

These last few months have been hard in the life of DTM losing a lot of treasured friends , but we know that now they are safe in the arms of Jesus . We are so thankful for the privilege of knowing them as friends and sharing their lives with them when they needed our support . 

We welcome new friends and volunteers and look forward to the months ahead as we continue this valuable work of reducing social isolation and providing help, friendship, companionship , social contact and so much more .

As always please ring me if you need me , 07943251357 




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Also you can find us on Facebook where you can see what we having been doing