February 2014


DarlingtonTown Mission


Chairman’s Remarks


As we look forward to a New Year with Darlington Town Mission we cannot help but look back to last year and our particularly exciting 175th Celebrations. Many of us will be looking forward to all that DTM offers to us in the way of companionship and mutual support in our daily living.

DTM has always had at its heart the Gospel and teachings of our Lord Jesus

Christ; he was particularly strong on his teachings of how we must treat each other

“Love your neighbours as you love yourself” is a maxim which comes down to us unbroken over the centuries and it is most certainly what has always lain at the heart of the ethos which governs DTM today.

Elsewhere in the country we are inundated with floods and the destructive forces of

gale force winds and crashing high seas our hearts go out to the people afflicted and are grateful that up to now we have been spared the worst of the storms. I am

sure like me you feel helpless in the face of this disaster; there seems little we can do.

God is in the centre of these events and to him we must turn as with any disaster which threatens to overwhelm our lives whether it is the forces of nature or the result of daily living. Prayer is something we can all do, for others, for ourselves for DTM. At DTM we need to be undergirded with your payers each and every day. Commit yourselves to daily payer, prayer is a particularly powerful weapon as Jesus said, “It can move mountains.”


Yours in the service of Christ

Reverend Brian Holmes

Chairman Darlington Town Mission



Greetings from your Missioner


Happy New Year here we are in 2014.Lastyear was a very good year for the Town Mission we celebrated 175 years and had some wonderful events which resulted in

lots of publicity and helped to raise our profile and make people more aware of our


Our outings last year went well and enclosed is our programme for this year, I hope you can find something on the list which appeals to you.I am always open to suggestions so please let me know if there is anywhere that you think would be of interest to our group. We were very fortunate with the weather last year so I'm hoping this year we will be equally blessed

We were also very fortunate that we have such a good team of volunteers who make our outings possible Please remember I am here to help so don't be afraid to contact me and I will do my best to assist or find someone who can.


God Bless




 Fundraising News


Recent past events have raised lots of funds to keep the Mission going.These are the fundraising events since the last newsletter


Flower arranging £155

Carol Singing £176

Beetle Drive £264

Tombola £217

Total So Far: £ 812



 Fundraising Events


Our next fundraising event will be the Sponsored Hymn Sing on Saturday 22nd March 2014 from 10am to approx 1pm at Cockerton Methodist Church. We usual have a period of singing then break for soup/roll tea/ coffee and scones and then finish off singing. A sponsor sheet is enclosed if you would like a hymn sung. If you would like to attend please let Sue Case know and transport will be arranged


Other possible fundraising events are:

Easter Egg Tombola in April, smashing plates again at Elm Ridge Methodist Church Garden party in June, and our annual Barbecue will be held once again at Sadberge in





1 Which British Queen was formerly known as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon?

2 What is Norma Jeane Mortenson famously known as?

3 Who was the last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire?

4 In which year did the Titanic sink?

5 Who invented airplanes?

6 What year did the World War II begin?

7 Who is the speaker of the famous speech'I have a Dream'?

8 Who is the author of series of Harry Potter?






Publicity is a good way for us to get known and encourage donations. A consent form is enclosed to enable us to use your photos etc please give this some consideration and hand completed forms to Sue Case.Thank you to all those who completed our recent questionnaire and thank you to all those who have donated goods for the tombola you have all been very generous .


Community Charity Shop


Northland Methodist Church, North Road, Darlington have opened a Community charity shop in their Church .It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 12noon to 3pm and the last Saturday of the month 9an to 11am .  




We are always needing new volunteers, so please if you know of someone who may be able to drive for us once a month or make a commitment to a couple of hours visiting each week let Sue Case (Missioner) know.




If you are the holder of a Blue badge for parking it would be a great help to our drivers if you could bring it on our outings




There is a vacancy for a volunteer Secretary for our Charity, with effect from the

AGM in March 2014. It takes about one full day per week, but of course this can be split over the week. Ability to take minutes for the Management Team and The Trustee Board. This also includes all associated paperwork in connection with the various committees. You will be responsible to the Chairman. If you are interested in this position, please contact the current secretary, Sue Murton,



Wheelchair Handling Refresher


Refresher training has been arranged with D A D for our volunteers on 2nd April 2014 at Park Place Community Centre at 2pm. I hope you will all be able to come. I will contact you nearer the time .