FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER



Welcome to your February newsletter and a Happy New Year to everyone. Our volunteers and Missioners have again been working hard and the information within our newsletter reflects this. We are also fortunate to have the continued support of many people and organisations to whom we are very grateful.

A sad piece of news is the death of one of our very hard working volunteers Ray Murton, Ray passed away in November after a long illness. Ray was from the South of England and only moved North in recent years but it didn't take him long to find his way about and he never failed to get our Friends to and from the venues on our outings and was always ready with the offer an arm for support. Ray will be greatly missed but will always be remembered especially his wonderful smile


From the Chairman

A new year gives me the chance to look back as well as look forward.
First – looking back into 2015 – I am very conscious of the dedicated service our Town Mission staff and volunteers have given: so that we have had a good year all round – meaning that Friends have continued to feel their lives have been enriched through contacts via the Missioner, Assistant Missioner and volunteer visitors.  We have also had many social opportunities to get out and about with our Friends and supporters that ensure that companionship has not been lacking.  This is our aim and vision, as the new leaflet the Trustees have been pleased to accept puts it:  We believe that every person is entitled to a good quality of life through fellowship and social support which combats isolation.


Also looking back I see that I wrote in the February 2015 newsletter that I was hopeful Darlington Town Mission would make progress in raising the interest and support of a wider circle beyond just the town churches who are our mainstay.  In particular I had hoped for publicity in Darlington which would mean we are on the town map and that more and more people would know our name and purpose.  Hopefully, this would encourage more to come alongside to support us showing interest, and particularly demonstrating concern through considering volunteering as well as giving financially.  This hope has certainly begun to be realised through press coverage in The Northern Echo, ‘One Darlington’ magazine and in ‘Your Darlington’ trader’s magazine.


In the autumn some of our trustees had a profitable meeting with Mrs Mary Hall, the Senior Engagements Officer at Darlington Borough Council.  She was keen to hear about the Town Mission’s history and our current aim.  She also supplied a list of grant-aiding bodies in the locality we could apply to, including the Durham Community Foundation.  There was in addition a promise to include information of the Town Mission in the Borough Council house magazine.  All of this is very helpful to us – if nothing more than that we now have a foot in the door so as to continue the contact which has been well received.The


Northern Echo is a vital door open to us: not least in that we had publicity when the Editor, Peter Barron’s presented to the Town Mission a handsome grant from their charitable foundation for us to purchase phone filtering devices to keep out unwanted calls for our Friends.  We hope, very shortly, that a number of Friends will benefit from these.  Our thanks go to the Gannett Foundation for their grant, and to Peter Barron for his commending the Town Mission as a local charity to receive their support. 

In addition The Northern Echo is offering to publicise our events planned for 2016.  All in all, this is a useful sign for the future.


Finally, we are grateful to our trustee, Julia Bean, for her very successful initiative by hosting a pre-Christmas party (drinks and dance) as a fund-raiser for the Town Mission.  She not only persuaded a good number of her contacts to buy tickets by means of a very lively invitation online, (music and video action to set the mood!) but also ensured some well worded publicity for the Town Mission was included.  Thank you, Julia – and congratulations!

Meanwhile it needs saying that our fund-raising team has had a great year of dedicated, hard effort which has resulted in an increase over 2014 of well over £1,600, raising just short of £5,000.  Their continual monthly events always means a lot of hard work. It’s good when this is rewarded by satisfying results.  Congratulations, equally, go to them!’

 Revd. Andrew Wigram


From your Missioner

The start of another year with Winter nearly behind us (I hope), we may have had a lot of rain but no snow (or very little) and very few icy days. The days are already getting longer and the nights shorter and once we get into March we can look forward to spring and Easter.

Suzanne (Assistant Missioner) and myself have been busy putting together the programme for this year. As a self funded charity that provides its services free I think you will agree that the outings available each year are very good. The priority of our outings is not where we go but, as our Chairman Andrew said in his message, to provide social opportunities. Also we need to remember that we are only able to provide this service because of the continuing support we receive from those who provide events for us each year and those who help us financially with donations

Since the last newsletter we went to Lakeside Scorton in September and again the sun shone and we had a very pleasant afternoon finishing off with tea and cake.In October we were very ably entertained by the Triflold Guild Choir at Park Place Community Centre and November saw us visiting Stockton Garden Centre and being overwhelmed with the Christmas display. In December we were again invited to Polam Hall School for their Jack Frost Party and as always we were very well looked after. We also had a lovely Carol Service at Harrowgate Hill Methodist Church where our chairman Rev Andrew Wigram took the Service and finished with tea and cake prepared by our volunteers.   


We have continued throughout the year to visit those who are unable to join us on our outings and provide companionship. We are also continuing to provide a Service once a month in two of our local Care Homes where the residents can look forward to singing some hymns, having some prayers and hearing readings from the Bible.



A note from the Fund Raising Committee to our Friends.

We hope that you are all well and not feeling the cold too much. The Fund Raising Committee have organised some events, that we hope you might like to join us on. On Saturday 5th March we are holding our Annual Sponsored  “Come & Sing”. If you would like to, you can choose a favourite Hymn, there are 4 Hymn Books to choose from, & I’m sure that Sue, or Suzanne will help you with the forms. We will sing the Hymn at the event on Saturday 5th March. If you would like to come along, we will try to get you a lift. On 16th April, we are holding a Coffee Morning. This will be at Elm Ridge Methodist Church, from 10am to 12noon. Again, if you would like to support us, we will try to arrange lifts for you. The weather is bound to improve soon and then we hope that you will all enjoy the sunshine, and, if it is possible, enjoy the outings that Sue organises for you.

With very best wishes The Fundraisers. xxx

Fundraising News

The Fund Raising Committee (FRC) have again excelled themselves working hard to ensure DTM can continue to provide the service that we do to achieve their aim. Details of fundraising events held and those planned are shown below.

We are still looking for willing volunteers to help our fundraisers you don't have to commit to help at all the events whatever you can do to help would be appreciated. If anyone would like to join the Fund raising team and/or help out at events please contact Anne or Brian Tyreman telephone 01325 710229

Funds raised since the last newsletter to December

 Street collection                         £ 137.00

Table Top sale                           £ 77.50

Quiz Night                                  £ 252.00

Murder Mystery Night                £ 665.29

Flower Demonstration               £ 217.60

Carol Singing                             £ 209.00

 Fundraising total to 31st December 2015 : £ 5088 

As well as the funds raised by the FRC in the last 3 months we have received £84.90 from the collection boxes at Mowden shops and Sue Case is seen in the photo opposite receiving a collection box from the staff at Newbus Grange Hospital which had £170.00 in it and this was raised during December, magnificent effort.

As mentioned in our Chairman’s message Julia Bean (DTM Trustee) held a Glamorous Party at the Northern Echo Arena and this raised £1020.

We are also trying to get our collection boxes in the local shops etc so if you know of any businesses that would be willing to have a box please contact either Anne or Brian on 01325 710229 or contact Sue Case 07943251357


Taxis - Darlington Association on Disability is now providing a wheelchair accessible taxi. At the moment they only have one vehicle but they are hoping to eventually have three. They are hoping to run a seven day service but at the moment are only working certain days so you need to ring up and book in advance if you can. For a one way journey in Darlington there is a standard charge of £5.00. The telephone numbers are 01325 251044 or 07710158077


DTM Annual Thanksgiving Service – This year it will be held on Monday 4th April at Grange Road Baptist Church at 7pm, Brian Simpson (DTM Vice Chairman) will lead the Service and Rev Andrew Wigram (DTM Chairman) will give the sermon. Tea and biscuits will be served after the Service, all are welcome.


DTM Annual General Meeting – Thursday 21st April at The Friends Meeting House, Skinnergate at 6pm. Tea and biscuits will be served after the meeting, all are welcome.



  1. Larry’s father has five sons named Ten,Twenty,Thirty,Forty ……… what is the name of the fifth
  2. What goes up and down but still remains in the same place
  3.  If Mr Smith’s peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones’s garden who owns the egg
  4.  Eskimos are good hunters but they never catch penguins, why
  5.  What two words when put together hold the most letters
  6.  What is it that is yours and you do not use but others always do
  7.  What’s the longest word in the English dictionary


Answers to quiz below




Answers to quiz

 1 It’s Larry (Larry is the fathers son) 

 2 Stairs

 3 Peacocks don’t lay eggs peahens do

4 Eskimos live at the North Pole, penguins at the South Pole   

 5 Post Office

 6 Your name

 7 Smiles because there’s a mile between the beginning and end- S(mile)s