Newsletter - January 2010

D.T.M. needs your help and support.

Many of us have lived good and well blessed lives and seek a way to alleviate the difficulties others may well find themselves in.
There are those who through the onset of age, illness, bereavement, and or changes in family circumstance find themselves lonely and isolated within the community.
Government agencies do not cover the needs of everyone.
Would you consider helping to support our work?
By making a donation to dtm,
Making a regular gift to dtm,
By remembering our work in your will.

A few words from Anne.

I send my love & very best wishes to you all, for a happy, peaceful and healthy 2010.

The weather has been terrible since the middle of December & I know that it has been very difficult for you all to get out – if, at all. Many of you have not been over the doorstep for weeks, and the lack of social contact is getting a lot of you down.  BUT the weather is slowly improving, and we have a whole year of outings & events planned for you. There is a list of all the different things we are going to do & places we are going to visit included with this letter. I will be getting in touch with you shortly to find out which events you would like to take part in.

Monthly Communion Service.

All Saints Church holds a monthly service for people who find it difficult to get to Church on their own.  It is held on the second Tuesday of each month, and takes place in the Church Hall in Salutation Road. The service is short (1/2 hour) and begins at 2pm. Afterwards, we all have a cup of tea & a chat before returning home – 3pm.

It is open to all Christian denominations; therefore, if you would like to join us, please let me know & I will arrange transport for you.

See you soon.


"Taken after our trip to Peter Barratt's"

Future Events


Annual Service of Thanksgiving.
Monday 19th April. 7pm

A change of venue this year to St. Matthew’s Church on Brinkburn Road.
The speaker will be the Rev. Brian Holmes.

Sponsored Hymn Singing

March 13th at Cockerton Methodist Church.
Pam Martin has agreed to organise this popular event again.  Please tell your friends and neighbours about this. Sponsor forms attached to this newsletter.

Proposed future events also include:
Stall at Darlington Carnival 26th June.
Barbecue in July. Tickets available soon.
Street Collection in September.
Coffee Morning in November.

We also look forward to supporting an event to be organised by the Guides in aid of the Mission.

Street Collection.

Our Street collection took place Saturday 26th September.
7 people were in town, and 5 in Cockerton. The total raised from the street collection, in total was ₤212.  The Cockerton Team raised £148!!!
More importantly we all raised the profile of the Mission and its work.

CoffeeMorning Northland Church.
Saturday 10th October.

Considering the amount of publicity sent out to various clergy, we were disappointed at the number of people attending.  For those who were there, we had a lovely morning. We raised £164.  Thanks go to Pam Martin for organising this event.

Carol Singing at Morrison’s

December 14th saw a “choir” of 25, including 9 of our Friends.  Friends & family of volunteers also joined us, along with people from various churches. Our thanks go to them all for their support. Our thanks also go to Brian Tyreman, for co-ordinating the event. This event raised ₤79.

September Quick Quiz Answers.

1. Which are the only animal animals born with horns? – Giraffes.
2. How many are there in a “baker’s dozen”? - 13
3. What is the highest that can be scored with a single dart? - 60

The following are clues to the name of a street in Darlington.
4. A rich fruit cake – Dundee Street
5. Do Wallace and Grommet live here? – Wensleydale Road.
6. A place for fruit trees? –Orchard Road.

February Quick Quiz:

1. Southdown, Romney and Herdwick are breeds of which animal?
2. Who wrote about ‘Little Grey Rabbit’?
3. Which chocolate manufacturer is based in Bournville?
4. Who is the most famous cousin of Benjamin Bunny?
5. Who made a series of famous decorated Easter eggs for the Russian Tsar, Alexander lll?

Wanted - Old Buttons!!
Do you have a hidden stash of old buttons under the spare bed? I am looking for old buttons to transform into beautiful brooches and other lovely things, and give them a new lease of life! I'd be very grateful to anyone who could spare some! I am particularly interested in coloured and metal ones, not black. Thank you!
Erica Stahl (Sue Murton's daughter!) Please phone 01325-243765 if you find any.