Message from our Chairman 


Since the last newsletter in September I have gradually become aware of the way that the Town Mission operates, mostly from sitting on its committees (!), but also by meeting Friends and volunteers.  I enjoyed my introduction to the lunch forum - It's not every day that I sit next to a 101- year-old for a good chat!  The Carol Service followed by tea, and the Jack Frost party at Polam Hall showed my how well such events are run, and how much they are enjoyed.

We move intro a new year with some challenges for the Town Mission.  We are more than grateful to God and to our generous supporters and hard-working fund-raisers that financially we are swimming with our head comfortably above water (!).  However, our activities are being threatened by a serious lack of volunteers to join our teams. The Executive Committee recognizes that we need to raise our profile beyond the church-based support we now rely on - to welcome a wider membership into our teams - people who share our vision to Enrich Elderly Lives and are happy to come on board with offers of practical help as well as financial.  Immediately we need more volunteer drivers and visitors; also we a short on trustees.  But perhaps our greatest need is for the Darlington wider community to know more about us: to know our name and what we do.  So this is our objective for the coming months.

To broaden our network means we can make a wider appeal; and hopefully, prayerfully,we trust God to bring increase to our sowing and planting!


Andrew Wigram




Message from our Missioner


Here is the first newsletter of 2015 so a Happy New Year to every one, we are hoping  this year to build on what we already have,  last year was again a very successful year  and we are hoping to continue going from strength to strength . As time goes on we can sometimes become a little bit complacent , take things for granted and lose sight of why we do what we do .Darlington Town Missions main aim is to alleviate loneliness and isolation amongst our older members of society,these are the people who don't go out because they have no one to go out with or they are not mobile enough to go out on their own or lack the confidence to go out or perhaps do not have the financial means. As we are a totally independent self funded charity , i.e. we do not get funding from the government or local authority etc, and we do not charge for our service our resources are limited .The great majority of the people who keep our charity going are volunteers i.e. trustees, management , fundraisers , drivers and visitors and I am extremely grateful to them . 


One of the ways we try to alleviate loneliness and isolation is by providing a monthly outing for those mobile enough to join us.Whilst it is important to us to try and vary our outings and make them as interesting as we can it is more important to us to simply get people out back into society and give them the confidence to be a bit more independant and enjoy other peoples company, if we can find somewhere new and interesting to do this then that is an added bonus. Last year we had a full programme which I think the majority of Friends who came out with us enjoyed. I have again this year put together another full programme and hope those who are able will joins us. 


Another way we alleviate loneliness and isolation is to continued to visit Friends on a regular basis in their own homes or care homes who do not get out on our outings ,or do come out but are still lonely . We do also give some practical help and help with transportation ,the amount of visits and help we give will vary from person to person depending on their individual needs.Last year we made 1075 visits including taking to Friends to appointments ,going out for lunch ,coffee etc.  


Finally I would just like to give Derrick Hewitson a huge thank you from all of us at Darlington Town Mission for the dedicated service he has given to DTM for over 30 years , firstly as a Missioner and then as a volunteer sadly Derrick is not in good health at the moment and needs to take things easy so has had to retire.As I travel around Darlington and people find out I am from DTM they invariable always ask about Derrick as do many of the Friends I visit, he is very well known and very highly spoken off by everyone who knows him ,he has been a great ambassador for us.


If you have any concerns and need help with any thing please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do what I can.

God Bless





Fundraising News


The fund raising committee is working very hard as can be seen from the results below,however they would function much more effectively if they had more members on the committee and also if there were more volunteers helping at the fund raising events .If any one would like to join the Fund raising team and/or help out at events please contact Anne or Brian Tyreman telephone 01325 710229


Funds raised since the last newsletter 


Table Top £55

Street Collection £109

Flower Arranging demo £146

Table at Northland Church Christmas Fayre £17 

Carol Singing Sainsburys £161

Beetle Drive £301

Tombola Morrisons £197


Fundraising total to December : £ 3485 



Future Fundraising Events


March Come and Sing at  Northlands Methodist Church 21st March 2015 10am to 12 noon refreshments available soup/roll/scones/tea/coffee at a small charge. If you would like to Sponsor a hymn the sheets are attached and can be sent to Pam Martin when completed .

April Coffee Morning Northlands Church 11th April 2015 10am to 11.30am

May Quiz Night date and venue to be confirmed

June Elm Ridge Garden party 7th June 2015 

Darlington Carnival 27th June 2015


Thank you to all who donated unwanted gifts and items for the tombola stall, we will continue to collect items throughout the year for our next tombola or table top sale.



Quiz to make you think

1How close of a relative would the sister-in-law of your dad's only brother be to you? 

2: Larry's father has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty...Guess what would be the name of the fifth? - 

3: A woman shoots her husband. She then puts him underwater for 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. 5 minutes later, they both go and enjoy a nice dinner. How is this possible? 

4: What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place 

5: What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes? - 

6 Complete the series. 9 = 4, 21 = 9, 22 = 9, 24 = 10, 8 = 5, 7 = 5, 99 = 10, 100 = 7, 16 = ?, 17 = ? 


Answers on next page







Answers to quiz


1.Your mother

2 Larry

3 she is a photographer

4 stairs

5 his breath

6 16 = 7 and 17 = 9 [The number of letters in the spelling of 16 (sixteen) is 7 and that of 17 (seventeen) is 9] 




Secretary Vacancy, Volunteer Drivers, Volunteer Visitors


We are still looking for a new secretary and are always looking for drivers and visitors, if you are interested or know any one who might be and would like more information please contact Sue Case tel 01325734995 or mobile 07943251357