Welcome to your September Newsletter , apologies for the delay in bringing you the up to

date news. Our main news points are that Rev Brian Holmes and Sue Murton have both

sadly had to retire , Sue due to family commitments and Brian due to ill health , please

see Brians message below .Brian has overseen a great many things whilst Chairman and has

helped to raise the profile of DTM, we pray that his health continues to improve . Sue has

worked above and beyond the duties of secretary and replacing Sue is proving to be a hard

task. ( Do you know any one that would be interested in being our secretary.)

On behalf of all at DTM we send our grateful thanks to Brian and Sue for all the time they

have given and all the hard work they have put in for DTM and wish them well in what ever

they do in the future, they will both be greatly missed.

Also a big thank you to all our volunteers for continuing to give their much needed support,

from fundraising to driving and visiting Although we have lost Brian and Sue we do however welcome Rev Andrew Wigram as our

new Chairman and Suzanne Nevison as our new Assistant Missioner (working 7 hours per

week). We look forward to working with Andrew and Suzanne to build on what we already

have and continue the good work of the Darlington Town Mission. Andrew and Suzanne have

written introductions which are included below


Message from Rev Brian Holmes

This is a letter I never thought I would have to write, not for a long time. I felt drawn by God

to become involved with DTM when I retired from full time ministry in the Church of

England. I was quickly propelled by force of circumstance into the role of Chairman and I

loved every minute of my time as chair. The sudden onset of a quite severe illness forced my

resignation as I was told by my doctor that I must reduced my workload.

It is with great regret that I say goodbye to you all as chairman, I wish you all and DTM very

blessing for the future and every success in your endeavours to reach and be alongside those

who need our services the most, may God's blessings remain with you now and always.

Reverend Brian Holmes



From the new Chairman, the Reverend Andrew Wigram

I have been invited to introduce myself to DTM friends and members.

My wife, Catharine, and I have been living in Darlington for nearly ten years, after retiring

from parochial ministry in the Church of England in January 2005. Actually we began our

married lives not 15 miles from Darlington – in Middlesbrough. My curacy was in Martonin-

Cleveland. Coming as we did from Devon this was a long hop away from family; but we

soon discovered that though the North East can be cold (winter blasts of snow mixed with

Teesside pollution as there was then in 1964) we found wonderfully warm hearts and great

support and generosity.

Prior to retiring here we have lived in south east Essex (Southend) in Leigh-on-Sea; and this

was followed by a move to the East Midlands, the Vale of Belvoir, and into rural ministry –

a group of six parishes with lovely mediaeval churches – small congregations but much

opportunity to be involved in village community life. We gained huge blessing from God

through both these very different experiences. And filling the gap (between Middlesbrough

and Essex) we had 14 years in East Africa as mission partners under the Church Mission

Society – in Kenya. We can never underestimate the value we gained from rich contacts, in

rural Kenya and in city life in Nairobi.

So we have had a very varied life together in all these places. We have three children who as

small children were nurtured in Africa. Two are now living in England; one is married to a

Norwegian and living in Oslo. We have five grandchildren, two in Oslo and three in the

south of England. Catharine and I have recently celebrated our Golden Wedding. Catharine

is a regular and very committed member of Holy Trinity, our parish church. I, on the other

hand, am available to lead worship anywhere within Darlington Anglican Deanery. Over the

years I have been welcomed into most of our parish churches, north, south, east and west in


As for chairing the Town Mission: I said yes when asked by Derek, not because I feel I am

qualified with all the right experience for the job, but because I am free to offer myself to

be part of a charity which is local to Darlington, and for more than a century has offered a

service of care and compassion to this community. In all that time the needs of Darlington’s

citizens have inevitably altered; but DTM has provided a platform for Christian service to

individuals who without such help would be isolated and struggling to cope. For many this

support brings God’s blessing into their final years, and I am glad to have a hand in that.


From the Assistant Missioner Suzanne Nevison

I am married with two sons aged 6 and aged 5, I was born in Darlington and

continue to live in Darlington in the Haughton area of town. I started

working for DTM in April and help Sue (Missioner ) by assisting with

visiting , and giving practical help where possible. I have only met a small

number of Friends so far but look forward to eventually meeting every one.


From your Missioner

Since our last newsletter in February we have had 7 very

enjoyable outings and only had rain once when we went

to Mainsgill in March, but still managed to have a good

afternoon. I think the shock of having our group descend

sent one of the camels into labour as a week after we

were there she unexpectedly gave birth. The Rotary Club

and Inner Wheel gave us a wonderful afternoon tea in April and in May

Bondgate Methodist Church also provided a wonderful tea .In June we went to

Saltholme Nature Reserve and some of you were lucky enough to see a

vixen with her 2 cubs, I missed them I was too busy talking (ha ha).

Polam Hall provided a marvellous Sunshine Party and as usual we were

completely pampered.August saw us go to Redcar in two separate groups

, we had a lovely lunch followed by a sit by the

sea where we had an ice cream and the sun

shone both days.Our latest outing was to

Whitworth Hall again in two groups and again we

were blessed with good weather. We bought food

for the deer and fed them and also fed the ducks.

We still have more outings to look forward to so

do come along and enjoy great fellowship. Please remember to bring your Disabled

Parking Blue badges when travelling with us in cars


Fundraising News

The fund raising committee is working very hard as can be seen from the results

below,however they would function much more effectively if they had more members on the

committee and also if there were more volunteers helping at the fund raising events .If any

one would like to join the Fund raising team and/or help out at events please contact Anne or

Brian Tyreman telephone 01325 710229

Funds raised since the last newsletter

Sponsored Hymn Singing £ 716

Tombola £ 217

Plate Smashing £ 96

Carnival Games £ 91

Elim Fete £ 27

Mary Drury Afternoon tea £ 400

Raffle at Mowden Co-op £ 60

Barbecue £ 304

Quiz night £ 374

Julia Beans Garden party £ 510 Pam and Derrick at the hymn sing

Table Top sale £ 34

Fundraising total so far this year : £ 3078

D.T.M. is also fortunate that some friends have kindly donated monies in lieu of flowers at

funerals and we have received legacies from departed friends which have been gratefully


Future Fundraising Events

10th October Local Giving ’s Grow Your Tenner promotion 2014 for donations made

online . Until the fund available is used up Local Giving is matching up to £10 of each

individual donation made to us and is also matching up to six monthly donations of £10 made

by direct debit. If you wish to make an individual or monthly donation please go to

www.localgiving.com/darlingtontownmission and click on the appropriate giving button.

In the last year the Mission made well over 900 visits to our Friends in their homes, relieving

isolation and loneliness, providing support and encouragement and helping them with

practical tasks. Many Friends joined us on our monthly outings, getting them out of their four

walls, joining with others in new environments and making new friends.

Please help us to continue to pursue our aim of relieving isolation and loneliness in the

elderly through contact and support by donating during this promotion. Many thanks.

4th October Street Collection (volunteers needed to stand for an hour and collect tel Anne/

Brian on 01325 710229)

3rd December Flower Arranging at Northland Methodist Church 2pm

We will also be Carol Singing again this year in December date to be advised.


Quiz to make you think

1 What was the worlds highest mountain before Everest was discovered

2 Which is heavier a ton of gold or a ton of silver?

3 How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

4 Which month has 28 days

5 Adam's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was

named May. What was the third child's name?

6 If you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you

be in now

7 If an electric train is traveling south, which way is the smoke going?

8 How many legs has a ‘Bombay duck’ got





2 neither both weigh a ton

3 once

4 all the months have 28 days

5 Adam

6 2nd

7 you don’t get smoke from an electric train

8 none it’s a fish