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We are pleased to announce that Hilary Reaney has been appointed as a part-time Assistant Missioner and joins us on 9th September 2019.

Hilary is already familiar with our charity as she has worked as one of our dedicated volunteers for some time.  She will be an extra home visitor for the DTM clients we care for in the town, and her organizational skills will be of tremendous help to our team.  She is looking forward to meeting Friends and volunteers of DTM.  There is a personal introduction from her in this issue of the Newsletter.  Hilary’s appointment will allow us to extend the service we provide a little, but we are still in need of more volunteer drivers and fund raisers.  We would love to hear from you.  


Chairman’s Letter

Dear Friends and supporters,

Another bite of the year has been eaten up since our last Newsletter in the spring.
We are now approaching autumn:  September is like a fold in the calendar: we have finished and hopefully benefited from our summer break - especially this year we have had some memorable hot weather - which some enjoy, while others wish it away!

But now, having said goodbye to summer we prepare for the next six months - colder, yes, but who knows just what weather is in store for us?

This Newsletter will tell you how successful our fund-raising efforts have been recently.  The Fund Raising Committee that not only plans but also runs events continues to do a marvellous job with the regular annual events it organises.  Darlington Town Mission remains very well served by their dedication, willingness and energy out-put from the small group of volunteers they are.  A big thank you is due from us all for their continuing effort.

Also, once again, we are delighted and very thankful to one of our trustees, Julia Bean, for her considerable efforts that fed into a barbecue this last month which attracted a good number of contacts and much support from friends on a farm (Paradise Farm - how well named for the evening’s event: a ball, as it turned out!).  With all the generous support, much of it given free of charge, the sum raised was over £1,600!  What a pinnacle of glory to end the season!

We now have a new staff member employed part time by our charity: a very warm welcome to Hilary Reaney, Assistant Missioner who will be working alongside Sue Allison.  Hilary introduces herself in this newsletter.  We are truly pleased to have her join us, and we know it won’t be long before all of us not only get to meet her, but get to know her and appreciate her being among us. 

As for office holders: we still lack a Secretary.  Sue Case has served in this capacity faithfully for a number of years and always went the extra mile to keep things running so smoothly.  She has now stepped down from this role, but continues as a volunteer driver for outings, visits Friends for us and supports our Missioner in many other quiet ways.  Thankfully, she is also continuing to help with some aspects of the secretarial work she has been doing in the past.  Other work we really need to find a volunteer for is described in Brian’s article in this newsletter.  It gives an idea of the work and range expected of the Secretary.

It has been noted that some of the tasks listed could be routed to other volunteers, if so required.  However, we are without a secretary at present.  Because of this the stand-in is our Vice Chairperson, Brian Simpson who already carries many Town Mission responsibilities - quite enough without shouldering the secretary’s job in addition!  Please get in touch should you have any light to shed on a possible candidate.  Speak to any of our Trustees or our Missioner if you know anyone willing to help.

I end with a prayer by Joseph Hart (1712 – 1768) who was a Calvinist Minister in London.  It is also a frequently used hymn originally written in 1756 as a meditation on our passing years before God:

How good is the God we adore!  Our faithful, unchangeable friend:

His love is as great as his power and knows neither measure nor end.

For Christ is the first and the last; His Spirit will guide us safe home;

We'll praise him for all that is past and trust him for all that's to come.


Rev Andrew Wigram

Chair of DTM




Tip Bits

The Darlington and District Talking Newspaper Association

Do you find it difficult to read the newspaper because of sight problems or to hold a paper because of physical problems?  If so, the Talking Newspaper Association can provide you with a weekly CD of local news free of charge.  They are looking to help more people, so if you feel they could help you or you know someone who may benefit from their help please contact  them on tel 01325 465101 or email - dtnewspaper@outlook.com 


Find us on Social Network

If you have a computer or access to a computer, you can find more information about Darlington Town Mission at our website:  www.darlingtontownmission.org.uk or find us on Facebook where you can see what we have been up to lately.  


Give as You Live scheme

This is a free way of shopping on line whilst raising money to your favorite charity.  Once you have signed up to ‘Give as You Live’, you can browse their website for the store you want to use and the charity receives a percentage of your spending .  Please ask us for further details.


Northland Lunch Club

There is a series of cooked three course meals provided on alternative Tuesdays at 1.00pm.  Some of our Friends are able to attend dependent on transport availability.  The lunch is preceded by a short act of worship once a month.  See our Missioners for dates.      


News Update from Brian Simpson

 The first thing to tell you about is that Sue Case has decided to step away from the secretary role she has carried out for such a long time.  She leaves a real gap in the life and witness of our charity that is hard to fill.  For the moment, I’m attempting to take minutes, co-ordinate our annual Carol Service and pull this newsletter together.  Fortunately Sue Case is continuing to maintain the existing website and Facebook entries until we can find someone else and still continues to help Sue Allison with DBS checks, issuing policy documents to new volunteers.  Because of her wealth of experience as one of our past Missioners, Sue Case is a great sounding board for the current Missioner.  Sue C is also continuing her invaluable visiting role and volunteer driving.  If only we could clone a few more Sue’s - our future would be much safer!

Even if your name isn’t Sue, would you consider the volunteer role of Secretary to Darlington Town Mission?  You may know of someone else that might be interested in helping in this way.  

The management team has identified the jobs that a new secretary would undertake:

  • Producing agendas and minutes for monthly management meetings
  • Producing agendas and minutes for quarterly Trustee meetings
  • Producing and distributing a quarterly newsletter
  • Maintaining a website and Facebook page
  • Monitoring DBS system for volunteers
  • Administration of Policy and Procedure documents
  • Arranging annual general meetings - venues and refreshments
  • Producing agendas and minutes for Annual General Meetings
  • Co-ordinating Annual Thanksgiving services with refreshments
  • Co-ordinating Annual Carol Services with refreshments


Listing these jobs like this sounds really daunting, but all the jobs are vital to keep the administration of the charity running smoothly.  It might be possible to split these jobs for more that one person to do.  Please give this your prayerful consideration.

Andrew has written about the appointment of a new Assistant Missioner.  You may have read about this in the newspapers.  Hilary Reaney is already known to many of our Friends as a volunteer driver and an assistant for our monthly worship at Elderwood and North Park care homes. 

The trustees are currently considering the quality of our Public Relations.  This includes devising a fresh website and building new relationships with different parts of the community in Darlington.  This should help to improve our profile and get more people to hear about the charity.  Who knows, the more the general public know about us might mean more volunteers for driving, fund raising and event organising?  Do you know any Website expert that might help us?

Recently in our management meetings we have included in our prayers a regular thanksgiving for Friends that have died over the years during the past month.  We give thanks to God for their lives and continue to pray for those that have been left behind.  Copies of the Memorial list as it stands at the moment are available if you contact me.

I continue to research the archives for names of Missioners, Chairpersons and Treasurers that have served Darlington Town Mission since it was founded in 1838.  Eventually I will be publishing the results in one of these newsletters or in an Annual Report.  If you have records of past DTM officers and their service dates, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Finally, I’d like to share a poem included in a news article written by Chris Lloyd for our 175th Anniversary in 2013:

It’s the human touch in the world that counts;

the touch of your hand and mine,

may mean more to a fainting soul than shelter or bread or wine.

For shelter is gone when the night is passed, and bread lasts only a day,

But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice

May live in the soul always.

With every blessing

Brian Simpson

Vice Chair and Acting Secretary



Upcoming Town Mission Events

  • Thursday 19th September    Friends Afternoon Outing to National Railway Museum, Shildon
  • Friday      11th October    Quiz Night St Thomas Aquinas Church Hall, North Road 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 16th October    Friends Afternoon Outing to Park Place Community Centre with                 music and refreshments
  • Thursday 14th November    Friends Afternoon Outing to Strikes Garden Centre,                        Northallerton
  • Thursday 12th December    Carol Singing at Sainsbury’s
  • Friday       20th December    Carol Service at Haughton Methodist Church 2.00pm


Christmas events at Polam School and the 6th Form College are to be confirmed.


Lost and Found

 The late Marion Barron supported Darlington Town Mission by using one of our old wooden collection boxes for many years until she died in February this year.  When our two Sue’s were promoting the Town Mission at the Town Carnival, another stall holder from the Friends of the Earth told them about the box she had found at a charity shop.  After further discussion, this lady returned home and brought back the collection box for them.  The box is now with other spares at Mary Drury’s house and now needs a new home.  Any takers?

Fundraising News

 Our fund raising committee continues to do sterling work for the charity.  Since the last Newsletter we have organised more events that are an invaluable contribution to our expenses month by month.  The Barbeque on 29th June at All Saints was enjoyed by all those that were able to attend and a surplus of £371 was raised.  Many of us enjoyed another wonderful afternoon tea at Mary Drury’s home that made a fantastic total of £693!  

Our Chairman has already reported the success of the Barbeque organised by Julia Bean in August that raised £1600.  Well done Julia.

A quiz night at St Thomas Aquinas church is being held on 11th October and another bucket collection at Darlington Football Club is being arranged.  Sainsbury’s have invited us back for carol singing on Thursday 12th December.  Do come along and support the singing or collecting, even if it just for a short while.  Last year we raised almost £400 there.

We also have a number of spare DTM collection boxes available for local shops, businesses and homes.  Can you ask if an organisation you know would have a collection box in their premises?  Please speak to Mary Drury - 380665.

Members of the Fund Raising Committee are urgently seeking more volunteers to help with planning events and dreaming up new ideas to help the charities budget.  If you able to give any sort of help on the committee or even have an idea for them to discuss, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you telephone 07795639712.  Thank you.  Brian and Anne Tyreman



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  1. I could have danced all night


11    Hello young lovers


  1. Too darn hot!


12    Love changes everything


  1. Circle of life


13    It ain’t necessarily so


  1. I am what I am


14    Send in the clowns


  1. As long as he needs me


15    Seventy six trombones


  1. People will say we’re in love


16    I don’t know how to love him


  1. Some enchanted evening


17    Old man river


  1. Matchmaker


18    If I ruled the world


  1. Big spender


19    Any dream will do


  1. You can’t stop the beat


20    Somewhere


Answers on another  page.      Score 0 - 5        You must get out more or subscribe to Netflix

            Score 6 - 10    You must be a singer!

            Score 11 - 15    Have you used the internet?

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Missioner’s Update

Since our last newsletter we have enjoyed some lovely summer days, along with lots of rain too!  It’s great to see the changing seasons and weather and it reminds us of God’s wonderful world and His never changing goodness to us. 

We have much to be thankful for and most of all for Darlington Town Mission and all it means to us.  Since May we’ve had four main events/outings.

In May we were entertained by Holly Gray at Elm Ridge Methodist Church hall followed by an afternoon tea.  This was all much enjoyed and evoked lots of memories for our Friends.  It was fabulous to see volunteers and Friends dancing and singing along together. We definitely hope to invite Holly to join us again next year - perhaps for a Songs from the shows event?

In June we returned to Wynyard Gardens and had cream teas.  This was my first rainy outing since becoming Missioner, but we didn’t let it spoil our enjoyment and many braved the gardens in the rain!

 In July we were made very welcome again at Polam School for our Sunshine Party.  It has been an annual event for well over seventy years!.  The theme marked fifty years since the first moon landing.  It was so good to see how well the students interacted with our Friends and volunteers as they sat with us.  A lovely tea was provided and the entertainment went down really well.

 August was our annual trip to Marske for lunch then onto Redcar for ice cream and a look at the sea.  Sue and I carried on our tradition of paddling in the sea!

All of these events would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers who so willingly drive for us and help in any way they can- you are all fabulous and such a support to me as are our visitors.

We welcome new Friends and give thanks for all those Friends we have lost over recent months.  I see the difference DTM can make to the lives of our Friends every day and what a privilege it is to spend time with you all.

There have been so many times that I’ve called to see a Friend, or rung them just at the time they’ve needed support and company.  It’s great to see friends chatting together, re-establishing old friendships, making new friendships and sharing stories. 

Care home services at Elderwood and North Park, Friends Forum, taking Friends to Northland Lunch Club and the worship beforehand and visiting     Friends in their homes are all part of my work.  They are all times of great blessing.

We look forward to the months ahead as we continue to provide social contact, support, practical help and friendship and so much more!  We are also welcoming Hilary who commences as my assistant this month to help with some of the work. We are all very much looking forward to working together. 

      As always - please ring me if you need me 07943251357 

                            Sue Allison


Hilary Reaney’s Page

Hello! I am delighted to be introducing myself to you all and so excited to be starting my role as part-time assistant missioner for Darlington Town Mission.

Firstly - a little information about me.  I am married to Mike and have two grown-up children: Helen is a nurse and is at present living in Vancouver on a two year working visa.  Stephen has just graduated and is about to embark on a masters degree in data analysis.  I couldn’t be more proud of the people they have become and the way they live their lives to the full.

We have two dogs and like nothing better than a long walk in the countryside with a flask of tea.  I also love to travel and we were very lucky to be able to take the family to Canada recently to visit Helen.

My faith is very important to me and I am a member of St. Augustine’s RC Church.  I also volunteer at St. Columba’s foodbank and am a member of HCPT Darlington Group 195 which is a charity that takes disabled and disadvantaged children on pilgrimages to Lourdes.

Sadly, my own parents passed away many years ago and therefore I was not in the position that many of my friends are in where they are able to help and support their ageing parents.  I thought I could use my spare time to help those that don’t have family nearby and have been volunteering with Darlington Town Mission as a driver and assisting with the care home services for the last 18 months.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it and witnessed what a difference the mission makes to our Friend’s lives.

When the vacancy was advertised to become more involved I felt drawn to apply.  I very feel much that this is God’s plan for me.  My role is to support Missioner Sue Allison, helping with one-to-one visits, outings and services.

I have already met many of our Friends on outings and find them so inspiring and interesting!  I am most looking forward to being able to spend more personal time with all our lovely Friends and really getting to know them.  Please could I ask you to be patient with me as I am sure it will take a little while for me to learn all your names!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the management team and in particular Sue Allison, for their very warm welcome and their confidence in me that I can make a positive contribution and a difference to people’s lives.  I will do my best!

There is such a positive feeling around Darlington Town Mission. I have never failed to come away from an outing or service without a beaming smile on my face, God’s joy in my heart and wonderful memories.  I would love to be able to spread the word so that we can attract more volunteers and be able to enrich the lives of more friends.

I would really appreciate it if you could all remember me in your prayers as I start this new chapter.

I can’t wait to get started and look forward to meeting to you all.


Hilary Reaney

My DTM telephone number - 07458302567



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11    Hello young lovers

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2    Too darn hot!

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12    Love changes everything

Aspects of Love

  1. 3    Circle of life

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13    It ain’t necessarily so

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  1. 4    I am what I am

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14    Send in the clowns

A Little Night Music

  1. 5    As long as he needs me


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  1. 6    People will say we’re in love


16    I don’t know how to love him

Jesus Christ, Superstar

  1. 7    Some enchanted evening

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17    Old man river


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18    If I ruled the world


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19    Any dream will do

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