We have had a change of staff since our last newsletter Sue Case retired as Missioner on 30th June 2016 and our new Missioner is Kirsten Bertram (there is an item from both in this newsletter), so welcome to Kirsten and I know she has already visited most of you to introduce herself but if she hasn't got to you yet she will be calling.  Also Suzanne Nevison, our Assistant Missioner, has left to take up another position and we wish her well, but Suzanne intends to keep in contact with DTM, so she is not leaving us altogether.
The Darlington and District talking Newspaper Association
Do you find it difficult to read the newspaper because of sight problems or to hold a paper because of physical problems then the Talking Newspaper Association can provide you with a weekly CD of local news free of charge.  They are looking to help more people so if you feel they could help you or you know someone who may benefit from their help please contact  them on tel 01325 465101 or email -dtnewspaper@outlook.com 
For Sale
Lynx in vacate Mobility scooter serviced and can be dismantled into 5 pieces to put in boot of a car £250.00 please contact Sue on 07977126827 or email sue__case@hotmail.co.uk

Wheelchair Taxis
Darlington Association on Disability now have a wheelchair accessible taxi it costs £5.00 each way for a journey in Darlington. Because they don’t do school runs, they are generally available at busy times telephone 01325 251044 / 07710158077
From Andrew Wigram, Chairman of Trustees
We have just reached a moment in the life of the Darlington Town Mission when we have ended one chapter and are beginning a new one.  I am sure that all who read this will now be aware that our Missioner, Sue Case, has now retired from the post.  We said farewell to Sue as our Missioner at the Barbeque in All Saints’ church grounds on Saturday 25th June.  She received thanks from the Trustees, and a token gift, to show our appreciation.
I don’t have any idea just how many Missioners there have been in the Town Mission’s 175 years. It would make interest research to go to Crown Street Library (or wherever archives that have our records are kept) to read up our history.  She is the for latest in a long line - for certain.
The close of a chapter is always a moment to reflect back; before we run forward into the new.  I have been chairman of the Trustees only a couple of years, but it’s long enough for me to be grateful to join with Sue as Missioner.
Part of my role is to attend every month the Management committee: this is the Missioner’s opportunity to touch base with Mission officers to receive a report of all her activities during the past month as well as to plan for what is to come next.  It has been heartening to read the catalogue of all the visits she makes to Friends (and this involves a number of practical details she takes into her hands to make life easier for a person living alone, and possibly with no family member nearby to sort out day to day problems, big or small).  For one who is employed on a part time basis Sue has managed a huge number of such visits.  It reflects her love for the job – yes; but equally her love for the Friends she comes alongside.
A recent Town Mission pamphlet (to inform people about what we do and invite new donors) sets out our mission in this way:   We believe that:  Every person is entitled to a good quality of life through fellowship and social support which combats isolation.   To achieve this Darlington Town Mission: Carries out home and hospital visits; Provides practical information and support at home; Provides companionship to Friends individually or through group social events.
Sue has been the kingpin in achieving this for some 80 Friends.  She is joined by her colleague, Suzanne, and a number of volunteers (drivers and visitors), especially for the monthly social visits to  favoured venues; but the planning and organizing falls to her to do.  She has shouldered all this with good humour; a good head for managing the detail, an easy manner and commendable teamwork.  Her friendliness and approachableness are her gifts ideally suited for this job. 
As this chapter of the mission closes, we can all agree that Sue has done her job well.   Thank you, Sue!  We now welcome her successor:  Welcome Kirsten!
Message from Kirsten - My Story
Hi everyone, I am Kirsten Bertram, the new Missioner.  Some of you may have already met me as I made my way around Darlington towards the end of June, visiting some of you with Sue. 
I hope you will bear with me as I get to know the role and find my feet!  Sue has instructed me very well but now I must put it into practice so that you feel  the service is as good as before!
I have a husband Keith who works for the National Health Service in Darlington in Administration and two teenagers, Pippa who is 18 and is about to go to University and Alistair who is 16 and has just done his GCSE exams.  We also have a dog, called Ollie, who is a lively cross-breed. 
In my working life I have been working in Accountancy jobs, had my own Traditional Sweet Shop and also have had a few voluntary roles at my Church, All Saints and Salutation, Blackwell.  I have helped with the Pre-School, Worked in the Parish Office, helped with Sunday School and more recently have become the Secretary to the Parochial Church Council.  I enjoy listening to music and going to the theatre. 
I became aware of the Town Mission, after my father, was introduced to it a few years ago.  He always told me of the nice outings he had experienced and spoke of how he liked being visited.  The other people in his house also had visits from the Missioner and they also told me of the wonderful places they were taken to. They all felt they benefited considerably from the support of the Town Mission.
I hope that you all will continue to enjoy visits and fellowship on the outings and I hope to meet you all within the next few weeks.

Goodbye from Sue

I have decided to retire to spend more time with my family but I have enjoyed my five years as Missioner and my reward has been seeing the difference DTM makes.  I have also made many new friends some sadly who are no longer with us but have left me with lasting memories and I like to think I have become a better person for it.  The good news is we have Kirsten as our new Missioner and I know I am leaving you all in good hands.
I can’t believe it is five years since I wrote a piece for the newsletter to introduce myself and here I am writing a piece to say goodbye, where have the years gone!  One of the things being Missioner has made me more aware of is time,  for some it goes too slow, many of our DTM Friends find time goes slowly when they are sat on their own day in and day.  For some time goes too fast , there was never enough hours in the day for me while I was Missioner I was always  wanting more time to get more done.  It made me realise how priceless time is, no amount of money can buy time but you can give it to some one freely and it can be the best gift you could ever give them.  Over the past five years I have been in a wonderful position of being able to give DTM Friends my time, even if just to visit for an hour a week, to see how much this meant to them has been so rewarding . It’s because of this that I have decided to stay on as a volunteer so although it’s goodbye as Missioner its not goodbye entirely, you don't get rid of me that easily!

Finally thank you for the many cards, gifts and good wishes I have received and also thank you to the Volunteers and Trustees for the wonderful support they have given me over the last five years, I look forward to working alongside them as a volunteer.
God bless
Final Update from Sue Case
Well this is my last update of what’s been happening since our last newsletter, I’m pleased to say the weather has improved at last the sun has been shining and its warmer.  When it comes to good weather DTM seem to be blessed because we have had good weather at all of our outings so far this year.  In March we were treated to a Palm Sunday Service and delicious afternoon tea provided by the Rotary Club.  Our visit to Arcadia Garden Centre in April saw many of you coming out with bags - not full of plants but clothes , we had road closure problems on arrival but eventually all had a good time.  Our May outing saw us all going in different directions but ending up in the same place at Bondgate Methodist Church for another of their wonderful afternoon teas.  Plants were on the agenda again in June when we all travelled to Eggleston Hall Gardens and this time the bags were full of plants, a lovely scenic drive to get there and as ever tea and cake to finish.  Finally to July and summer and with summer comes sunshine , although not always in the UK, but sunshine did come courtesy of Polam Hall School where we enjoyed their Sunshine Party and we were once again very well entertained by the pupils and, yes, you have guessed it, we were also once again very well fed.  A huge thank you to the volunteer drivers who get us safely and comfortably to and from our outings and look after us while we are there.

Fundraising News
As ever our very small fundraising team has managed to produce very big results.  They are working constantly to raise funds to keep us going.
They are looking for willing volunteers to help in any way they can no matter what you can offer, even if it is just ideas.  We have the street collection on Saturday 17th September in Cockerton 10am to 12pm are you able to come and stand with a collection box for ½ an hour, 1 hour or 2 hours.  Quiz night Friday 14th October 7.30pm help with catering needed, Songs from the shows Friday 4th November 7pm again help with catering needed.  If you able to give any sort of help at any of these events Brian or Anne Tyreman would love to hear from you telephone 01325 710229.  Other ways you could help would be to buy a ticket and bring some Friends.  The more people who attend, the more funds are raised for DTM.

Funds raised since the last newsletter
January Beetle Drive                             £313.00
March Come and Sing                           £633.55
April Coffee Morning                              £219.14
June BBQ                                              £563.50
July Elim Community Day                      £110.00
Collection boxes                                    £262.07
July Garden Party with Mary Drury        £610.00
Total                                                       £2711.26

Upcoming Fundraising Events
Saturday 17th September Street Collection Cockerton/ Mowden 10am to 12noon
Friday 14th October 2016 Quiz Night St Thomas Aquinas Church Hall , North Road 7.30pm
tickets £6.00 to include pie and pea supper, tea/coffee ( for any other drinks please bring your own and a glass)
Friday 4th November 2016 Songs from the Shows All Saints Church Ravensdale Road 7pm (details of ticket price and food to be confirmed)
Wednesday 7th December 2016.  Flowers for the Christmas Season with Brian Simpson.  2.00pm(details of venue, ticket price to be confirmed)
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Research has shown that people with ginger hair require 20% more anesthetic before surgery than people with coloured hair
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Approx. 1/4 of human bones are in the feet
Sneezes regularly exceed 100mph
In space it is impossible to cry
Bats are blind
Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb was afraid of the dark
The letter t is the second most common letter used in the English language
Almonds are a member of the peach family 

Answers to quiz

1. true

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3. false -they change colour to communicate, its colour signals mood, aggression, territory and mating behaviour

4. true - there are 52 bones in the foot and 206 in a whole body

5. true

6. true- there is not gravity so tears can’t flow

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